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Available at:
Barnes & Noble

Available at:
Barnes & Noble

Name is a truly unique web-based program you can use to write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

There are a handful of interactive write-your-name-in-hieroglyphs tools available on the web. To our knowledge, all of them simply replace each character of the name entered with a related hieroglyph. Some even go to the trouble to place the hieroglyphs correctly, as ours does.

But no other tool really does what ours does: namely, uses AI to attempt to understand how the name would be pronounced (in English) and then spells it in hieroglyphs based on its pronunciation, not based on its spelling. (Think, for example, of a name like Ignatius, pronounced ig-nay-shuhs, but spelled ig-nay-tee-us, or Boudreau, pronounced boo-dro.) Our tool has been tested on over 8,000 names, and although there are still a few it struggles with, we think it's pretty darned good!

So give it a try! Meanwhile, if you'd like to know more about names and naming in ancient Egypt, you can check out an article we have prepared that provides some background on ancient Egyptian royal names.

How to use it

Type your name in the box below then click the Hierogl-ize button to convert it into hieroglyphs.

Choose a title

no title
cartouche but no title
Horus G5
nebty G16
golden Horus G5:S12
prenomen sw:t L2:t
nomen N5^^G39

Choose some quasi-titles

The Good God nTr nfr
Lord of the Two Lands nb:N16:N16
These apply to the prenomen and nomen titles only (see left).

Choose some epithets

given... di
  life anx
  stability R11
  wealth S40
  prosperity U28
  health s
beloved of Hathor O10
like Re N5 mi
forever D{{0,0,100}}:t{{150,100,100}}\75:N17{{0,0,100}}